About Michelle Lee


I’m so happy you found me. If you have a camera, a desire to make beautiful images, and a history of that not happening, then we are meant to be friends.  Come along with me as I share my photography journey and learn about yours.  The goal is to share beautiful images, challenges, breakthroughs, and have lots of laughs along the way.

I got my start in photography taking pictures of landscape and architecture. I loved it and even sold a few images for pocket change. After 18 months of chasing the next great subject to photograph I realized that I needed to scale back a bit and leave some time and money for my responsibilities: family, friends, career, home, etc..

That’s when photography took a back seat for far too long. Each passing day made it more inevitable that I would never pick up the camera again. For inspiration I purchased a new camera, which in hind-sight made it more terrifying to start taking pictures again. A better more expensive camera means you have to create even better images, right? At least that’s the pressure I was putting on myself.

But that changed one day when I tried drying fruit in a dehydrator I picked up at a thrift store. As I meticulously loaded the tray with blueberries, raspberries, and grapes I noticed the beauty in the arrangement and decided it was time to snap a few images. I’m not going to lie, my expectations were low. Technology and I don’t get along well and I thought it would take quite some time before I figured out how to work the camera well enough to take decent photographs. But that wasn’t the case.

And that’s where this journey begins ~